A.I.S. INOX was established as an equipment and spare parts supplier for the heat treatment industry, but the company's policy, from the very beginning of its establishment, mainly provides unique and exclusive "services", dictated by the particular needs of the customer from time to time.

Within the range of services that a company operating in the thermal treatment needs, certainly the design and manufacture of specially-made equipment plays a fundamental role, ie designed and custom manufactured for the end user's specific uses, in order to improve the productivity and the final result of the treatment carried out.

For all these reasons, A.I.S. INOX has chosen as the core business of its activities the mechanical design of innovative and high-performance loading equipment, the result of a combination of design, calculation and structural verification, deep knowledge of alloys used at high temperatures and in different atmospheres.

The services provided are the end result of commitment, professional skills, organisation and management of resources to ensure maximum efficiency. For these reasons, A.I.S. INOX has always been synonymous with reliability and professionalism.




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